Rates are for full home cleanings, Empire does not charge by the hour we charge by the job.  
 A check list will be left at all cleaning thus informing you of the tasks that were done                            that visit.  It also allows the cleaner to know when the rotating items were done,
 ie: windows, blinds, woodwork and lighting and more.  Rates may be lower depending on how many people live in the home. Estimates are always free!

Condo:  Rates are per visit
500- 1000 sqft    Weekly $90.00     Twice Monthly $120.00    First Cleaning $150.00
1001-2000 Sqft   Weekly $130.00   Twice Monthly $135.00    First Cleaning $200.00 
Above 2000 sqft  Estimate

Homes:  Rates are per visit   
900-2000   sqft   Weekly $140.00   Twice Monthly $150.00     First Cleaning $250.00-300.00
2001-3000 sqft   Weekly $150.00   Twice Monthly $160.00     First Cleaning $290.00-320.00
Above 3000 sqft  Estimate

If you have had a previous cleaning service within the past 2 months your first cleaning may be discounted. 

All cleaning supplies will be provided as well as vacuums. Vacuums are serviced weekly.  Empire uses brand name cleaning products and most products we use are green. 

Before any service can be started Empire Home Cleaning requires an appointment to view your home and go over your service needs.   Request a free estimate!  or call 253-376-4040

  We now take Visa Mastercard American Express and Discover
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